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Welcome to Electronics Engineering Company.

Our main service is to Design, Provide Technical Support, Supply, Install and Maintain.



We design various Low Current Systems and acoustic treatment to customers requirements, tailor made them to your project size and budget



We supply professional A/V equipments, select suitable product, combine different Brands to fit your requirements and fulfill your needs



We Provide long term partnership with customers, Professional maintenance process and always seek customers satisfaction and systems perfection


Electronics Engineering Company is a design, engineering and systems integration firm that transforms customers' ideas and requests into reality. We provide the best and most appropriate Audio Visual, Security, Health Care Communication, Educational Systems Solutions to meet our customers functional, budgetary and implementation requirements Using the latest technological innovations, we affect people every day, providing a positive impact on national security, corporate, health care and education systems worldwide We provides custom design, high-end systems, integration services, on-site support as well as ongoing maintenance.


Expert solutions begin with an expert team
Every application is different. We know that any solution depend on the quality and reliability of proposed equipment and presentation systems. Your solution is only as good as the team that designs and builds it. Here at EECO, we employ highly experienced professionals to ensure exceptional results. Specialize in the high-quality, state-of-the-art solutions we provide. EECO distinguishes itself with its technical expertise, project management and on-site support backed by solid financial performance and long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients

Who we are
  • Low Current Systems Designers
  • High Quality Systems Supplier
  • Professional Systems Installer
  • Long Term Maintenance Provider
  • Your Trustful Business Partner
  • We just handed over Complete Audio Visual Systems for ALTafillah University Theatre Project include supply and installation of Professional high quality Insulation Materials ( Special insulation materials with wood decoration) in addition to Complete theatre Audio Visual Product, the Project is considered to be piece of art in all respects.

  • We handed over Modern Language Lab at Islamic Studies University for 25 Students complete with Visual Product and elegant design furniture, the lab contains high quality product, modern technology with marvelous features for vital interactive Language teaching process between teacher and students, language learning was never been easier and friendly used.

  • Weve been involved in renovation of King Hussein Cancer Centre Project, we replaced old conventional Nurse Call Systems at different Wards with Modern and latest technology IP Nurse Call System where its open architecture allows it to grow into one integrated communications platform supporting a range of applications to meet different demands of a diverse worldwide market and individual healthcare environments.


Our Products



We provide full low current systems solutions, conduct turnkey job in our specialty.

Expert solutions begin with an expert team

To ensure system longevity and consistent quality, EECO recommends proactive maintenance. We can determine maintenance requirements based on your systems Complexity, equipment components, frequency of use, available personnel support and more. You can then choose from maintenance and service options that vary from on-call support to full-time, on-site support EECO service team is comprised of highly trained and experienced personnel. Our technicians are certified on numerous AV systems and components and are proficient in the servicing of Security Systems, Control Systems, Health Care Nurse Call and Educational Equipment.


Our Projects

  • Bin Talal University
  • Al -al-Bait University
  • Al-Israa University
  • Al-Balqaa Applied University -13 Colleges
  • AL-Dur Manthour Schools
  • Applied Science University
  • Aqaba Development Company
  • Arab Community College 
  • Beit ALzyara Church
  • German Jordanian University - Talal Abu Gazaleh College
  • Hashemite University
  • Jordan Sience & Technology University
  • Mu'ta University
  • Military College
  • Mu'ta University Swimming Pool
  • Modern Academy Schools
  • Petra University
  • Polytechnic College
  • Princess Alia College
  • Rosary Schools - Jabal Amman
  • Rosary Schools - AL Misdar
  • Rosary Schools - Marj AL Hamam
  • Taffila Technical University
  • University of Islamic Sciences
  • University of Jordan
  • Yarmouk University
  • Zaytouna University
  • Zarqa Private University
  • Abdeen Mosque
  • Abu-Ghazaleh Mosque
  • Al-Bir & Ihsan Mosque
  • Al-Fayha' Club
  • Al-Hassan Youth City
  • Alhihra Mosque
  • Al-Karak Mosque
  • Alkhalifa Alfarouq
  • Al-Resalah Mosque
  • Al-Taba' Mosque>
  • Amman Chamber Of Industry
  • Amman Mall
  • Amman Sheraton Hotel
  • Assalam Mosque
  • Bristol Hotel
  • Belle Vae Hotel
  • Concord Group Shops
  • C.Town Project (7th Circle )
  • C.Town Project (Tlaa Al-Ali )
  • Fakhriddin Restaurant
  • Food City
  • Hayat Hotel
  • Ibn Khaldon Plaza
  • Jerusalem Hotel
  • Kalouti Mosque
  • Mahes Mosque
  • Malik Bin Anas Mosque
  • Mafraq Chamber of Commerce
  • Movenpick Hotel
  • Musab Bin Omair Mosque
  • National Center for Human Resources Development
  • Olympic Swimming Project
  • Private Residences - Many
  • Royal Cultural Center
  • Safway -Zarqa & 7th Branch
  • Taybet Zaman Touristic Village Project
  • Irbid Chamber of Commerce
  • Vocational Training Corporation
  • Zarqa Stadium
  • General Directorate of Gendarmerie
  • Great Amman Municipality
  • Income Tax Foundation
  • Jordan Military Forces
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Higher Studies
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Jordan Military Forces
  • Public Security Department
  • Al-Istiqlal Private Hospital Project
  • AL Basheer Hospital
  • King Hussein cancer Center
  • King Abdullah I Hospital
  • Jordan Modern Hospital
  • Prince Hamza Hospital
  • Prince Rashed Hospital
  • Prince Hashim Hospital
  • Queen Rania Medical Center (Medical City )
  • Queen Alia Heart institute -Medical city
  • Sahab Government Hospital Project


We are pleased to announce that we delivered recently following systems to AL KINDI PRIVATE HOSPITAL PROJECT Jabal AL Hussein / Amman

- IP TV System for 155 patient Rooms Brand: ALCAD Spain
- IPS System / 14 Systems 8KVA & 10KVA Brand: Starkstrom - UK

Recently, we handed over Full Package Solution for ALTafilah University Theatre Project including Design, Supply, Install and Maintain Audio Visual Lighting Systems in addition to Decorative Sound Insulation System for theatre; all admit Project looks like PIECE OF ART.

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We are an authorized agent and a recognized distributor of many International Brands in the field of Low Current Systems



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Electronics Engineering Companyis a design, engineering and systems integration firm that transforms customers' ideas and requests into reality.

We provide the best and most appropriate Audio Visual, Security, Health Care Communication, Educational Systems Solutions to meet our customers functional, budgetary and implementation requirements.

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